When to Use Paid Ads to Sell Art

It’s a question that comes up a lot – when should I use paid ads to sell my art? Should I use Facebook ads to launch a new collection? It…

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Selling Art in Person or Selling Art Online?

Is selling art in person better than selling art online? In this blog post we’ll go through whether selling art in person is better than selling art online. Does one…

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Why Multiple Income Streams are Vital for Success

In this blog post we’ll go through why you need multiple income streams as an artist. A lot of artists think that there is only one way to earn a…

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Systems for Art Businesses

Do you have systems in place to help you run your art business? Having a clear system and workflow in place will make things so much easier for you! Systems…

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How to Price Your Art

It can be tricky to know how to price your art. Here’s a quick guide to setting your prices as an artist. This is such a hot topic for so…

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Opportunities for Artists

There are so many opportunities for artists these days, and this blog post will show you a few ways to make money from your art. It used to be that…

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What is Print on Demand?

As an artist who wants to sell art prints, you may consider going down the print on demand route. In this blog post we’ll look at what is print on…

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Is Planning Better Than Winging It?

Do you have a clear plan for your art business, or are you just winging it? In this blog post we’re going to be looking at why you should create…

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Why Consistency is Key to a Successful Art Business

Today we’re going to look at why consistency is key to a successful art business. We creators can often have those minds that jump from one thing to another, and…

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Help! My website isn’t making sales

If this is you and your art website is not bringing in the sales you would like then read on. As artists, we often think that when we build our…

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