Selling Art in Person or Selling Art Online?

Is selling art in person better than selling art online? In this blog post we’ll go through whether selling art in person is better than selling art online. Does one…

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Why Multiple Income Streams are Vital for Success

In this blog post we’ll go through why you need multiple income streams as an artist. A lot of artists think that there is only one way to earn a…

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How to Price Your Art

It can be tricky to know how to price your art. Here’s a quick guide to setting your prices as an artist. This is such a hot topic for so…

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Opportunities for Artists

There are so many opportunities for artists these days, and this blog post will show you a few ways to make money from your art. It used to be that…

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What is Print on Demand?

As an artist who wants to sell art prints, you may consider going down the print on demand route. In this blog post we’ll look at what is print on…

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multiple sized used paintbrushes in clear glass jars against a tan blurred background.

How to Sell Without Being too Salesy

Wondering how to sell without being too salesy? Read on for some sales tips for artists. In this blog post I’m going to talk about the balance between selling artwork…

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Help! My website isn’t making sales

If this is you and your art website is not bringing in the sales you would like then read on. As artists, we often think that when we build our…

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Should you sell via a 3rd Party site or your own website?

This week’s blog is about 3rd party websites vs an artist’s website that you own and maintain. A question I get asked a lot is “should I have a website…

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An Image of some paint and brushed from a blog post from Thriving Artists Business School - How to Find Customers for Your Art

How to Find Buyers for Your Art

Are you stuck wondering how to find buyers for your art? You’re not alone! I often get asked how to find customers for art, and how to get your work…

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Can You Sell Art on Instagram?

A question I get asked A LOT is “Can you sell art on Instagram without a website?” or “Can I just sell art on social media? Do I really need…

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