Systems for Art Businesses

Do you have systems in place to help you run your art business? Having a clear system and workflow in place will make things so much easier for you! Systems…

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Opportunities for Artists

There are so many opportunities for artists these days, and this blog post will show you a few ways to make money from your art. It used to be that…

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What is Print on Demand?

As an artist who wants to sell art prints, you may consider going down the print on demand route. In this blog post we’ll look at what is print on…

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Person wearing a green long sleeved shirt with a pink and red tropical feeling painting in the background. Woman is kneeling to adjust a paper or canvas.

How to Define Your Style: Tips for Artists

In this blog post we’re going to talk about how to define your style as an artist and I’ll give you some tips to help you find your style. A…

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How to Start an Art Business

In today’s blog post we’re going to talk about where to start as an artist, because it’s one of the things I get asked quite often. Whether you’re looking to…

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Different Income Streams for Artists

Where Can I Sell My Art? Are you wondering if there are different income streams for artists these days? The answer is yes, definitely! If you’re stuck thinking ‘how can…

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12 Ways to Make Money From Your Art

If you still think that it’s difficult/impossible to make a living from your art then it may be time to revisit your belief system and throw away the old ‘starving…

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An Image of some paint and brushed from a blog post from Thriving Artists Business School - How to Find Customers for Your Art

Help! I Want to Sell my Art But I Have No Idea Where to Start!

THE OVERWHELM – IT’S NATURAL I get it. You love painting/creating but when it comes to actually selling your art and doing all the business stuff your mind draws a…

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Woman working at kitchen table with sunlight filtered through window

Want to wake up with sales and inquiries from all over the world?

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