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Why You Need a Dedicated Art Space

One of the main ways to stay productive and to be able to show up consistently for your art is to have a dedicated art space set up ready to be creative – it doesn’t have to be a big studio, it can be a tiny desk in the corner of the living room. It can be on the kitchen table (which is where I started, lots of artists do!). It can just literally be having a sketchbook and some pencils, or a small set of paints, somewhere handy so that when inspiration hits, you’re ready to go.

Actually, a lot of the time, we think we have to wait for inspiration to hit. It’s about showing up consistently – not waiting for inspiration. It’s about having that consistent practice and showing up regularly to do the work. Consistency is key to grow your art business.

It’s all too easy for daily life to get in the way of creativity. If your materials aren’t ready, you start thinking “oh, it’s going to take me an hour to set up and I’ve only got two hours, it’s not worth it, I’ll do it tomorrow”. Tomorrow comes and something else crops up, and your creative time gets pushed further and further back. If you have an area set up and your materials there ready you may only have half an hour of free time bur you’re much more likely to sit down or stand and do whatever it is and just get that hand-eye coordination going, get the ideas flowing, do some doodles, just little small practices that keep you fresh and keep the ideas flowing.

A great idea I heard about the other week is a lady who had a box of art supplies in the back of her car or her bag. If ever she’s on her travels, and she spots some amazing light, or a beautiful scene, she would stop and get out a sketchpad and a couple of paints, and she’s ready to create. It’s there, it’s accessible. That’s the thing, making your practice as accessible as possible so that you don’t have the obstacle of setting up in order to then do something for the day.

Even if we just put in 10 to 15 minutes a day (it’s easier said than done, I know!) then that keeps us consistent. It keeps us thinking, it gets the ideas flowing.

You don’t have to have a four hour session to create something interesting. You can sometimes sit down for 10 minutes and do something that’s a bit of a happy accident and decide you want to take it further into a collection. It can’t happen if you’re not there ready and set up.

Having that dedicated art space makes such a difference, and it doesn’t matter where it is. It doesn’t matter about it being fancy or light or clean or tidy anything like that. Just have it and have your materials all ready to go – that’s going to make all the difference.

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